Savage commentary on Dem Convention: "Obergrupenführer Clinton," "Grupenführer Carter," "Brigadeführer Daschle," "dirtbag" Maya Angelou


On the July 27 broadcast of Savage Nation, syndicated radio host Michael Savage's commentary on the Democratic National Convention was riddled with name-calling and insults.

Savage referred to Democratic leaders using German titles used by the Nazi party, calling former President Bill Clinton "Obergrupenführer Clinton," former President Jimmy Carter "Grupenführer Carter," and Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle (D-SD) "Brigadeführer Daschle." Savage called poet, educator, best-selling author, and civil rights activist Maya Angelou, who spoke at the convention on July 27, a "liar," "moron," "fraud," and "dirtbag." He also mocked her for speaking about oppression and accused her of not being a real poet and not having a real PhD, saying "[M]y dog has a bigger doctorate than she does."

Savage on Democratic leaders:

SAVAGE: And we have all of the leaders -- we have Obergrupenführer Clinton; we have Grupenführer Carter; we have Brigadeführer Daschle. ... There are only a few rotten führers on the bottom of the corporals; they're the ones wearing the little funny green costumes down there. But they're all there. That's how I see them.

Savage on Maya Angelou:

ANGELOU: "Do not always crush the weak. And the dream of democracy is not in the sole possession of the strong."

SAVAGE: Who does she think she's talking to, a college group of junkies? Boo, hiss -- get the cane for this liar. Get her off the stand, this moron. You fraud. Fifty-thousand dollars a pop for this crap at colleges.

ANGELOU: "That every American everywhere."

SAVAGE: Aw, shut up! We all have freedom! Or else a dirtbag like you wouldn't be up there! ... They make $50,000 a speech to a bunch of junkie college students, they scream about no freedom and oppression in America! Fifty-thousand dollars, running around to all the potheads around America. Oh oppression, oh oppression -- oooohhh Klu Klux Klannnnn, oh bring me home ... oh Ku Klux Klan that man from Texas ... oooh the white sheets are rustling ... oh gimme the freedom ... ooooh Ku Klux Klan ... $50,000, please. On to the next college. ...You know she has a lot of guts to get up there, knowing that she's not a poet, knowing she's conning the world -- Doctor Maya Angelou -- my dog has a bigger doctorate than she does. They granted her a fake degree, an honorary deg -- an honorary degree you buy. They give you one, I earned a real one from a great university, so I know what it is to earn a real doctorate, and I respect 'em. But I spit on people with honorary degrees. They're worthless. They're like mail-order degrees but cheaper.

Angelou has received numerous honorary degrees from an array of educational institutions.

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