Matthews won't take no for an answer: Continued "Hillary '08" obsession with seven consecutive questions


Notwithstanding Senator Hillary Clinton's (D-NY) strong show of support for the Kerry-Edwards '04 campaign, Chris Matthews, host of MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews, again fixated on her supposed 2008 presidential ambitions. In an interview with Senators Debbie Stabenow (D-MI), Mary Landrieu (D-LA), and Maria Cantwell (D-WA) as part of MSNBC's coverage of the Democratic National Convention's opening night, Matthews asked his guests seven consecutive questions on the subject.

From MSNBC's convention coverage on July 26:

1) MATTHEWS: Do you think she [Senator Clinton] has the patience to try to help John Kerry and John Edwards win the offices they're running for?

LANDRIEU: Absolutely.

2) MATTHEWS: Even if it means she has to wait longer to get the job?

LANDRIEU: Absolutely. She's a team player, and I'd like to say this about Hillary, even though the press always wants to separate her out, she's a team player.

3) MATTHEWS: She's willing to wait her turn?

LANDRIEU: She's willing to do whatever it takes to win, this year.

4) MATTHEWS: This year?

LANDRIEU: This year.

5) MATTHEWS: You think she's really going to go all out for this ticket, even if it means she doesn't get the job?

LANDRIEU: We all are, we're totally united.

STABENOW: Chris, there's too much at stake.

6) MATTHEWS: Senator Cantwell, you've been quiet here. Do you think Hillary Clinton is willing to sacrifice her own immediate political ambitions for the Democrats' success?

CANTWELL: You can never be hurt in politics by being a team player, and she's going to demonstrate that she's one heck of a team player. And no matter what the consequences are, she'll benefit from that.

7) MATTHEWS: When it comes to election night, will she be rooting for Kerry and Edwards even though that means she's got to wait 12 years?

STABENOW: Of course, of course. There's too much at stake.

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