FOX cut short live coverage of 9-11 press conference, then supplanted with FOX commentary


On July 22, the 9-11 Commission released its report and announced its findings at an 11:30 a.m. (ET) press conference. MSNBC and CNN aired all 80 minutes of the media event. FOX News Channel aired only 20 minutes, supplanting live coverage of the event with a parade of its own reporters, analysts, and conservative commentators.

In addition to FOX News Channel staff -- senior White House correspondent Jim Angle, Homeland Defense correspondent Catherine Herridge, White House correspondent James Rosen, and chief political correspondent Carl Cameron -- FOX News Live anchors Rick Folbaum and Jane Skinner hosted the following guest commentators:

  • Former Virginia Republican Governor James Gilmore;
  • Edward Turzanski, senior fellow at the right-wing think tank Foreign Policy Research Institute;
  • U.S. Army Command Sergeant Major Steven Greer, who, according to his foundation's website, "routinely provides ... analysis for FOX News Channel";
  • Toronto Sun contributing foreign editor Eric Margolis;
  • Steve Pomerantz, former chief of counterterrorism for the FBI;
  • Marc Ginsberg, Moroccan ambassador under former President Bill Clinton.

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