Media Matters for America Asks Secretary Rumsfeld to Remove Limbaugh's Radio Show from Taxpayer-Funded American Forces Radio


• Sign the petition
• Limbaugh still confused over Harkin Amendment calling for balance on American Forces Radio: "I've got Ted Stevens on my side"
• Macon Telegraph op-ed defended Limbaugh, mischaracterized Harkin amendment

• The Hill: Dems want parity on American Forces Radio • Read David Brock's 2nd letter to Secretary Rumsfeld
• Read David Brock's letter to Secretary Rumsfeld
• Sen. Harkin amends Defense bill to promote balance in AFRTS
• Sen. Harkin statement in Congressional Record: Limbaugh's comments "do damage to the American image when they are heard around the world."
• Text of amendment to balance AFRTSPDF
• Harkin Leads Senate in Unanimous Vote Demanding Political Balance on American Forces Radio and Television Service
• NPR's Morning Edition: AFRTS "under fire" for broadcasting Limbaugh to troops overseas
• Farrell in LA Times: Limbaugh Has No Place on the Front Line
• Charleston Gazette on Limbaugh: "This is appropriate material?"

• Wash. Times quoting Rep. Johnson on Harkin amendment: "Sounds a little like communism to me."

• Rep. Sam Johnson letter urging removal of AFRTS amendment from Defense Authorization (word doc)

• AP: Congressional conservatives "determined" to remove Harkin amendment from DOD bill
•'s Boehlert: Limbaugh "fabricate[d]" dealings with GOP Sen. Stevens
• Anchorage Daily News: "Stevens says Limbaugh got no help from him"
• Limbaugh claimed Sen. Stevens changed Harkin amendment at Limbaugh's behest
• Limbaugh opened fire on Harkin, MMFA: "Their goal is to use the big media and the law to stop me!"
• "Senate Amendment Calls for 'Balance' on Armed Forces Radio"
• MMFA letter to members of congress [PDF]
• Rush Limbaugh transcripts
• "On the Media" on American Forces Radio, Limbaugh
• Limbaugh Tells Time Prison Remarks 'Misinterpreted'
• Byron York: Why Limbaugh and not Stern on American Forces Radio? "It's a question of taste"
• CNN: Defense Department defends continued Limbaugh broadcasts
• Limbaugh warned, with "new female police chiefs ... we can watch out for some naked pyramids"; called military officers "orificers"
• Limbaugh: Killer whales "watching what went on at the Abu Ghraib prison ... just needing to blow off a little steam"
• Media Matters for America runs TV ad about Limbaugh comments; radio station carrying Limbaugh rejected MMFA radio ad
• Limbaugh: "[D]on't be surprised if George Soros puts up a few hundred million dollars for a torture institute ... to show how Bush and Rumsfeld are inept"
• On CNN's Crossfire: Two Republican reps distanced themselves from Limbaugh
• Rush Brought to Tears as Right Rallies 'Round Him
• Limbaugh smeared Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi, then disclaimed: "I'm making that up"
• Media Matters for America Television Spot Reveals Controversial Iraqi Prisoner Torture Commentary
• White House continues to avoid comment on controversial Limbaugh remarks
• Limbaugh attacked "this new website"
• Limbaugh mimicked barking in describing photo of Iraqi prisoner terrorized by guard dogs
• Rush returned fire, attacked media focus on his Iraqi prisoner abuse rants
• White House refuses to repudiate controversial Limbaugh remarks
• Limbaugh: prisoner abuse "brilliant"
• Limbaugh on torture of Iraqis: U.S. guards were "having a good time," "blow[ing] some steam off"

American Armed Forces Radio and Television Service
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