Dennis Miller's "Rorschach" test on CNBC: Lay "deserve[s]" to be "sodomiz[ed] ... against [his] will"


During the July 8 "Daily Rorschach" segment of his eponymous CNBC show, Dennis Miller suggested during that former Enron CEO Kenneth Lay "deserve[s]" to be "sodomiz[ed] ... against [his] will."

From the July 8 edition of CNBC's Dennis Miller:

MILLER: If convicted, Lay could be sentenced to several years in prison, or, if true justice prevails, forced to pay an inflated price for his own electrocution. ... [Miller played a video clip of Lay with hands cuffed behind his back] Better keep those hands right there for the next 20 years, Kenny, cause "Mr. Lay" is about to become your nickname. And a, uh, yeah, listen. I'm not usually pro-sodomizing anybody against their will, but when you stole people's 401(k)s, that's exactly what you deserve.

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