No badge of truth for Scarborough


On June 21, Scarborough Country host and former U.S. Representative Joe Scarborough (R-FL) falsely asserted that during former President Bill Clinton's June 20 interview with CBS anchor Dan Rather on 60 Minutes, Clinton claimed "that being impeached was a 'badge of honor.'" In fact, what Clinton said in the June 20 interview was: "The whole [impeachment] battle was a badge of honor."

Here's what Scarborough said on the June 21 Scarborough Country:

SCARBOROUGH: And the claim that being impeached was "a badge of honor" shows that Bill Clinton is still unwilling to accept personal responsibility for his personal failings.

Here's what Bill Clinton actually said during his June 20 interview on CBS's 60 Minutes:

CLINTON: The whole [impeachment] battle was a badge of honor. I don't see it as a great stain, because it was illegitimate. On the day I die, I'll still be glad I fought 'em, and I'll still be glad that I beat 'em. And I'll still believe that it was a bogus, phony deal.

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