Michael Savage on Clinton's My Life : " Mein Kampf"


On his June 22 radio show, host Michael Savage repeatedly referred to former President Bill Clinton's book My Life as Mein Kampf -- the title of Adolf Hitler's autobiography.

Following are three excerpts from the June 22 nationally syndicated broadcast of Savage Nation:

SAVAGE: So there it is -- you wanna read Mein Kampf, go read it -- I mean My Life, excuse me, I keep mixing up the two titles -- of Bill Clinton's and the other fella who ran Germany for awhile.

SAVAGE: [H]ave you gone out and bought Clinton's new book, Mein Kampf? ... [T]he English translation is My Life, but I suppose in German it's gonna be translated into Mein Kampf. It should be a big seller over there.

SAVAGE: In this hour we'll talk about all the topics that America really wants to talk about that the media's hiding. And it's not about Clinton's new book, My Battle -- excuse me, My Life ... and in German I think it translates I think into Mein Kampf, or does it? I'm not sure.

The English translation of the German words "Mein Kampf" is not "my life"; rather, the English translation of "Mein Kampf" is "my struggle." In German, "my life" is "Mein Leben."

Clinton's "My Life"
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