Citizens United ad got free air time on FOX


On the same day that CBS informed Media Matters for America that it did not air a new attack ad against former President Bill Clinton by longtime Clinton-basher David N. Bossie's conservative organization Citizens United, FOX News Channel aired the controversial ad on the June 21 edition of Hannity & Colmes.

Show guest Lanny Davis, formerly White House special counsel to Clinton, defended the former president against the ad (which stated that Clinton wasn't "willing to fight" the war on terror and that he left the United States "vulnerable to terrorists"). During his Hannity & Colmes appearance, Davis called the ad "disgusting" and a "lie." Further, Davis stated that Clinton "is responsible for avoiding the millennium attack that we all expected" and that Clinton did all he could to "try to kill Osama bin Laden." The show's co-host, Sean Hannity, only described the ad as evidence that "Bill Clinton's book will have an effect on this year's election."

Clinton's "My Life"
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