Matthews on Hillary 2008: "I think so"


Following host Chris Matthews's June 14 comment, during MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews, that former President Bill Clinton would "rather keep that [presidential] seat warm for Hillary [Clinton]" than have Senator John Kerry win the November presidential election (a comment that echoed recent remarks by right-wing pundits), Matthews devoted an entire segment of his NBC weekend talk show on June 20 to discussing with his panel Hillary Clinton's supposed 2008 presidential aspirations. One of Matthews's panelists, nationally syndicated Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page, also fell into line, claiming that, "[i]n her heart of hearts," Hillary Clinton does not want Kerry to win.

From the June 20 edition of NBC's The Chris Matthews Show:

MATTHEWS: Is she [Hillary Clinton] a live contender for 2008? I think so.


MATTHEWS: Does Hillary Clinton want Kerry to win this year if she wants to be president in 2008?

PAGE: In her heart of hearts, no, she does not want him to win because she wants to run four years from now. However, she is a Democrat and she's got to be very careful -- her, and her husband. They've got to put on a big show whether they want Kerry to win or not.

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