O'Reilly compared Moyers to Mao Zedong


On the same day that The Washington Post reported that Eric Alterman -- The Nation's media columnist and author of the 2003 book What Liberal Media: The Truth About Bias and the News -- threatened to sue radio and TV host Bill O'Reilly for calling Alterman "another Fidel Castro confidant" -- and ten days after O'Reilly apologized to author and syndicated columnist Molly Ivins for calling her a "socialist" -- he compared Bill Moyers, host of the PBS program NOW, to Mao Zedong. On April 20, O'Reilly compared Moyers, among other members of what he called "the far left fringe," to Castro and to convicted serial killer Ted Bundy (and then said the latter comparison was meant as "a joke.")

From the June 14 broadcast of The Radio Factor:

O'REILLY: Bill Moyers on PBS, he's -- hides behind the label of objectivity. He's about as objective as Mao Zedong, all right. I mean he's a Far-Left bomb-thrower who actually runs a foundation that funds left-wing organizations. I mean the guy's a joke. Get out of the news business, Bill.

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