RNC: Attack Kerry by attacking Soros right-wing media falls in line


As first reported by Roll Call -- and then by the New York Post in a June 3 article headlined, "GOP HAS SOROS IN ITS SIGHTS" -- the Republican National Committee has launched a campaign to discredit Senator John Kerry by attacking progressive financier, philanthropist, political activist George Soros.

On June 3, Soros delivered a speech at the Campaign for America's Future "Take Back America" conference.

Read the speech here.

Then read the chain of propaganda from right-wing media outlets here:

National Review: "Soros: Abu Ghraib = September 11"

The Drudge Report: "Soros: Abu Ghraib = September 11..."

The Washington Times: "Soros likens Iraqi prisoner abuse to 9/11"

The New York Sun: "Soros: Americans Have Become Perpetrators in War on Terror"

The Weekly Standard: "Bush-Haters of the World, Unite! Amateur and professional Bush-haters gather in Washington for the Take Back America conference."

NewsMax.com: "Soros: Bush's War on Terrorism Worse Than 9/11"

WorldNetDaily.com: "Soros: Abu Ghraib same as 9-11"

CNSNews.com: "George Soros Likens Iraqi Prisoner Abuse to 9/11 Attacks"

Attacks on Progressives, Propaganda/Noise Machine, 2004 Elections
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