Unsubstantiated Drudge rumor echoed on MSNBC


Guest-hosting Scarborough Country on May 31, Pat Buchanan reported as fact an unsubstantiated rumor about Senator John Kerry's hair that originated on The Drudge Report a little more than one month ago. Buchanan, an MSNBC analyst, repeated the rumor during a panel discussion about gasoline prices with author Arianna Huffington and Dr. Daniel Lashof, deputy director of the Natural Resources Defense Council's Climate Center.

From the May 31 edition of MSNBC's Scarborough Country:

BUCHANAN: All right, well, let me mention something to you [Arianna Huffington]. Now, John Kerry's wife, Teresa Heinz, has what's called a Gulfstream 5. She flew it from Washington to Pittsburgh and back to give John Kerry a haircut. The Gulfstream 5 went 1,300 miles and it costs $2,600 for the gasoline in that trip to and from there. For that, a Hummer can go back and forth across the United States four times. Now, Arianna, before the average guy gives up his SUV, shouldn't these corporate types you're talking about, all of them, ground their corporate jets?

Propaganda/Noise Machine, 2004 Elections
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