David Brody suggests vaccine mandates will lead to violence and chaos

Brody: “I know after January 6th, if you say violence and chaos, everybody takes it the wrong way”

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Citation From the August 4, 2021, edition of Real America's Voice's The Water Cooler

DAVID BRODY (HOST): And welcome to The Water Cooler, everybody, thanks for joining us. I'm David Brody. It's August 4th. 2021. And America is no longer a free country. The once greatest city in the world, New York, has officially fallen. Yeah, yeah, I know it's been falling for quite some time, but now it's hard and it's hit and it's on the ground. Out. TKO. And I'm afraid the damage may be lasting and not just for the city itself, but for the entire country. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio patronizingly announced what is effectively known as a vaccine mandate, because now if you want to have a social life, just forget about it if you're unvaccinated. Oh, and don't bother bringing one of those negative covid tests. Apparently, that won't hold up either. Have a look.


BRODY: Folks, if you don't eat your mystery meat, you can't have any pudding. He said it himself or I guess in de Blasio's case, it's a burger, not pudding.


BRODY: Look, go ahead, folks. You can throw up in your mouth at some point. I had to obviously resurrect some of that burger video, wait until you see it. But once again, those who the media deemed conspiracy theorists were right all along. And to be clear, this isn't just a vaccine mandate for a vaccine that, let me be clear here, is still experimental. It's a punishment for those Americans who decided to not be good little boys and girls and take your vaccine.

If for any reason you still think, well, hey, you know what? That's just New York. That couldn't happen in my city. I've got some news for you. Unless you live in the great freedom havens of Florida or Texas, where Governors DeSantis and Abbott preemptively banned the use of government vaccine passports, you're not safe either. Because why would they stop while they're ahead? The left has gone from just wear a mask, it's not that hard to get vaccinated, it's your patriotic duty to, finally, if you don't do what I say, we're going to make your social life a living hell – not to mention your mental health, because on a side note, that is what's going to happen. As we saw during the lockdowns, suicide rates skyrocketed. But they don't care about us peons. Remember their favorite catchphrase?.


BRODY: As Maya Angelou once said, when people show you who they are, believe them. And if you didn't believe them back then, believe them now. They are taking full advantage of covid.

What's happening in New York is the final test to see how far they can push us. And the results of that test will set a precedent for the rest of the country. If de Blasio can get away with this in New York City, with relatively little resistance, other Democrat-run cities are going to follow suit. DC, L.A., Philly, and then it'll be the federal government. And just imagine what else they could make us do once they have the full power to tell us what to inject into our bodies.

Look, I don't know what the future holds, but I do know that if France is any indication of what could happen in the U.S., chaos and violence will ensue.


Let me make it clear, when you take everything away from a person, you leave them with nothing to lose.

Joining me now is the host of Final Thoughts on Face the – excuse me fake nation – FOx Nation. My goodness, hello. Tomi Lahren. Tomi, great to have you back with us.

TOMI LAHREN (FOX NATION HOST): Great to be here. You know, watching those clips, it actually makes me physically ill. They've gone beyond just trying to maybe make some insinuations, maybe make some encouragements to full-on on road to socialism, road to dictating what we're going to do, how we're going to live. And if you don't do what the government says, they're going to take everything away from you, just like you said, David. And it's terrifying. I never thought we would be here. I don't recognize my country anymore.

BRODY: Well, in the monologue that was laid out, written very well by our producer, Anna Perez, you see the levels, you know, you just see it increasing and increasing. So the question is, are other cities likely to follow suit? What's going to happen? I'm very concerned about the future here.

LAHREN: I'm very concerned for those that live in blue states. As you mentioned, now that New York City has done it, it will be a snowball effect for other blue states. They see New York doing it. They see New York City doing it. They're seeing this effect happening and they think that they can get away with it. But there is one bright spot. And I'll tell you this, California. California is on the brink of recalling their tyrant governor. So California, they might be safe because I think Gavin Newsom is looking at the polls right now and he knows if he has another lockdown, if he has another mandate, he's going to be fully recalled. So I think that California might be safe. And that is also a message to New Yorkers. You do not have a recall option for your governor. You do not have the ability to get rid of these too big to fail wannabe dictators. Look at what California has done. They have been effectively able to make their leaders very nervous for their jobs and every state needs to follow that lead. There is no excuse for red states. If you are in a red state and you have a governor that is a Republican, you need to send a message loud and clear. You need to go the way of Texas and you need to go the way of Florida and you need to stop this in its tracks before it even has a chance to mutate.

BRODY: For sure. You know, I don't want to get into the whole secession thing because I know that's out there and that's far-fetched and everything. But I've seen some polling on secession and thirty-seven percent of folks are like, hey, you know, maybe not such a bad idea. Once again, I'm not trying to go down that road, but what I am saying is it does seem like we're having a balkanization, if you will, of Americans. You know, we talked about immigrant communities, but now it just seems like Americans themselves are being balkanized, if you will, as it relates to Democrats, Republicans, conservatives, Republicans who want to live in an a part of the state – the country that you're going to feel most comfortable in.

LAHREN: Well, I think that solution is very simple, we don't need any talk of secession. What we can talk about it is let's just have all the liberals stay in their blue states and live with their tyranny. Stop fleeing to the red states. You know, it's really funny. I live here in Tennessee. We've got Californians coming in on a daily basis, snapping up all the real estate, fleeing their horrible state to come to ours. And that's totally good and well. But do not bring your policies with you. So I would send this message to those that are okay with another lockdown, they're okay with a vaccine mandate, they're okay with another mask mandate. That's fine. Stay in your blue states, enjoy your tyranny. But do not dare come to Texas, come to Florida, come to Tennessee, come to South Dakota. Keep that where you are because you seem to like it because you keep voting for it.

BRODY: Listen, I know after January 6th, if you say violence and chaos, everybody takes it the wrong way. But how concerned are you that we're going to a boiling point here in this country on this?

LAHREN: Unfortunately, you can only push people so far, and I think Americans are able to really maintain a sense of decorum and decency. Of course, last summer, social justice season might have proved me wrong on that. We had endless violence. I mean, there's still endless violence in Portland as we speak. So I worry about those things. But I think it's time not to take to the streets. But there are many steps that we can get to before that where we can just say, listen, we're going to put pressure on our elected leaders to do their jobs. If you make them fear for their job, as I said before, you could see a lot of changes happening. And I think that that's exactly why Texas Governor Abbott, I think that that's why he made that move. I think Ron DeSantis is looking at 2024. That's why he's making smart moves. But there are many other states with many Republican governors that have to understand we need to stand up for us. We need to really build the will of the people. And I think that makes some really big changes, not only as it relates to coronavirus in the pandemic response, but also to the situation happening at the border. There's a lot that state leaders can do to fight back against that as well for sure.