David Brody and Gov. Kristi Noem fearmonger about people tele-consulting with a doctor for abortions: “The left's obsession with mailing everything doesn't end with ballots”

Noem: “This decision to have an abortion, they say, can happen between a woman and any stranger on the Internet”

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Citation From the September 16, 2021, edition of Real America's Voice's The Water Cooler

DAVID BRODY (HOST): South Dakota is making some major moves in the fight to end abortion. And not abortion, but believe it or not, do-it-yourself abortion. Yes, those unfortunately exist and thanks to none other than Joe Biden, who in April got the FDA to reverse policy and allow women to obtain abortion drugs through the mail without ever having to be examined by a doctor. The devout Catholic strikes again.

As you can see, the left's obsession with mailing everything doesn't end with ballots. And per usual, it was all justified by COVID. Well, you know what? Gee, thanks, Joe. Wouldn't want anyone to risk getting an illness with a 1.6 percent mortality rate. Instead, taking a sketchy pill at home to end a baby's life is surely the safer bet. Silly me.

Look, it's an upside down world we're living in right now, but not all hope is lost. After the Supreme Court's recent decision to uphold the heartbeat law in Texas, South Dakota -- South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem is now banning the disgusting practice of DIY abortions, and is vowing to make sure that South Dakota also maintains the strongest pro-life laws on the books.


BRODY: There's something that's been going on under the radar. Many people don't know about this, but essentially the Biden administration allowing women to get abortions without even seeing a doctor. You're doing something different in South Dakota. Explain that to our audience.

GOV. KRISTI NOEM (GUEST): Yeah, I signed an executive order the other day to stop exactly what the Biden administration is doing. Listen, during COVID pandemic, during the COVID-19 pandemic across the country, we saw a lot of governors take action to streamline the delivery of health care. But one of the things that the Biden administration wants to perpetuate and to continue doing is to allowing people to access telemedicine. But what they want to do is to allow women to get abortions over telemedicine, which means they could literally call a number, talk to some stranger across the country or across the world, and get the authorization to receive drugs that would cause an abortion.

Now, these abortions are four times more dangerous for women, and it essentially, you know, allows a much easier process for people to end an innocent life. You know, in South Dakota, you know, we want to stand for protecting these lives. And it's so ironic to me, David, that for years the left and the liberals have said that a woman's health and body is a discussion between her and her doctor. Well, now they're trying to take this to so far of an extreme that this decision to have an abortion, they say, can happen between a woman and any stranger on the Internet. That if they just have a conversation or get a script through telemedicine, that they can end that baby's life. We're not going to stand for it in South Dakota. And my executive order will be in place until we can put it into statute during legislative session.