Fox host Rachel Campos-Duffy: America is on “the path” to antifa-run towns

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Citation From the April 25, 2021, edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends Sunday

RACHEL CAMPOS-DUFFY (CO-HOST): What do you expect to happen? I mean that's exactly what's going to happen. You see also a lot of the law enforcement it's, you know, maybe a grandfather and a son and the grandson all become cops and a lot of cops aren't just retiring, they're not encouraging their sons to go into the profession, you know, where they might have a legacy of that. And of course who would under these conditions? And I'll tell you what will happen in the end, you'll get what you have in Latin America where unless you're rich and you can afford private security, I mean that is how, when you defund the police, look at Latin America, those are police forces that aren't properly funded. And in some towns in Mexico the cartels run them. So, how would you like your town to be run by subcontract antifa to keep security in your town? That's the path we're on.