A state senator and a judge from Pennsylvania will appear at a QAnon-branded conference

60 Minutes QAnon on the US flag screenshot

Update (4/30/21): After the publication of this article, both Doug Mastriano and Paula Patrick said they will not attend the event. They also distanced themselves from QAnon.

Pennsylvania state Sen. Doug Mastriano and Republican Pennsylvania Supreme Court candidate and Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas Judge Paula Patrick are scheduled to appear at a June conference that features QAnon branding and is being organized by QAnon conspiracy theorists. In addition to QAnon believers, the event will also feature a supposed expert on “government sponsored mind control” who claims that such programming is being used to “usher in the New World Order.”   

Media Matters has documented how Republicans have embraced QAnon, a conspiracy theory that is tied to multiple acts of violence

Mastriano is also a right-wing commentator and anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist who attended the January 6 insurrection in Washington, D.C. Though he said he did not enter the Capitol, Mastriano used violent rhetoric in the media prior to the event. He also appeared on a program on the QAnon-focused Patriots Soapbox network last year. 

Patrick was elected in 2003 to the Court of Common Pleas, which the commonwealth describes as “the general trial courts of Pennsylvania” whose caseloads include “matters involving children and families.” She’s currently running for a spot on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court as a Republican

They are both scheduled to speak at the Patriots Arise, Awakening the Dead! conference on June 25 and 26 in Gettysburg, PA. General admission tickets cost $177.60 while VIP tickets cost $298. An event description touts the QAnon slogan “WWG1WGA” (where we go one, we go all): 

Existing effective Patriots can take massive action by transitioning to the next level of success in take our country back on a monumental scale, if we united under ONE message:

Psalm 133:1 Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity,

We The People shall take back our freedoms....WWG1WGA

It is TIME for the Patriots to Arise! Just as they did in the first American Revolution during 1776.  This is the right time and right place to join our revolution to rise up with courage, with the goal of uniting in peace to gallantly defend our beautiful country with our God given unalienable freedom, rights and liberties!  

The event page also features an image of the conference name along with “WWG1WGA.” 

Patriots Arise, Awakening the Dead! conference image with "WWG1WGA"

An image from the Patriots Arise, Awakening the Dead! conference page

The conference is organized by QAnon conspiracy theorists Allen and Francine Fosdick, who host the podcast Up Front in the Prophetic and are also scheduled to speak at the event. Mastriano and Patrick previously appeared on their program, as noted by Right Wing Watch. 

In addition to their conference description, their website features numerous links to QAnon propaganda under a section called “news / product links.” 

The Fosdicks promote QAnon propaganda on their podcast. For instance, they posted a June 19 video to YouTube which promoted QAnon and featured Allen wearing a QAnon-themed shirt. During the video, Francine compared her belief in QAnon to her faith in Jesus, stating: “A lot of people who, who at first were all gung ho for Q and now they're saying, ‘Well, you know, Q isn’t real or is he?’ And, you know, my thing is OK, well, a lot of people believe in Jesus, like we all do, and some don't. It doesn't make him not real, you know what I mean?”

Former Trump campaign photographer Gene Ho will also appear at the event. He is a QAnon conspiracy theorist who is running for mayor of Myrtle Beach. He attended the January 6 “Stop the Steal” insurrection event in D.C. (Update (5/3): Ho is no longer listed as a speaker on the event page.) 

Gina Phillips, who is billed by the event as someone who purportedly increases “public awareness of Satanic Ritual Abuse and Government sponsored Mind Control,” will speak as well. Her website states that she believes that mind control programming “is geared to destroy Family, Religion, Government, Business, Education, Arts & Entertainment, and Media and usher in the New World Order.” 

Robert Maginnis, a right-wing commentator who is an anti-LGBTQ bigot and against women serving in combat, will additionally speak at the conference.