Rush Limbaugh rationalizes Trump's QAnon answer: “The left's version of what QAnon is is absurd”

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Citation From the October 16, 2020, edition of Premiere Networks’ The Rush Limbaugh Show

RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): “Mr. President, will you — will you denounce QAnon? Will you —”

And he doesn't know — you know, here's the thing about Donald Trump that they know, and they're able to use this to — using their vernacular, and their terminology, they're able to entrap him. One thing Donald Trump will not do is criticize  — excessively, I mean, he won't go overboard on it — anybody that likes him.

And they know this about him, and so they come up with these wacko groups here and there. This is the root of the Charlottesville business. The root of the Charlottesville lie that Trump said, ‘There are great people’ among the white supremacists, and ‘great people’ among the — whatever it is they try to tar and feather him with. It's rooted in the fact that Trump just has a — I don't know if you'd call it loyalty, or whatever — he just has a problem being critical of groups that he's not even heard of, who he thinks support him. Doesn't want to make them mad, doesn't want to tick them off, doesn't want to disrespect them.

I, frankly, don't think he knows what QAnon — I don't know how many people do know what QAnon is. The left's impersonation or impression, the left's version of what QAnon is, is absurd. And so they tie that to — well, their version of QAnon is that its a conspiracy theory about child pedophilia rings being run out of a pizza shop in Washington. That's what they think QAnon is. So they think if they can get Trump to say that he doesn't have a problem with QAnon, they can get him to say he supports child pedophiIia rings out of a pizza shop in Washington.

It's just — it's just childish, it's beneath everybody's dignity here.