Frequent Fox News guest and Judicial Crisis Network spokesperson uses QAnon slogan

Gayle Trotter’s tweet was retweeted by Fox News contributor Deneen Borelli

Gayle Trotter

On Friday evening, Judicial Crisis Network spokesperson Gayle Trotter tweeted in support of former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn:

“#WWG1WGA,” standing for “where we go one, we go all,” is the de facto official slogan used by supporters of the QAnon conspiracy theory. There is nothing subtle about it; if you search for the slogan in Google, the first page of results is full of QAnon references.

This should set off alarm bells. Media Matters’ Alex Kaplan has documented numerous 2020 congressional candidates who have endorsed the QAnon conspiracy theory; we’ve previously chronicled a number of right-wing media figures who have pushed it. Earlier today, Parker Molloy dove into what the conspiracy theory means for the American press moving forward:

Travis View, one of the hosts of the QAnon Anonymous podcast, wonders what it will take for journalists to treat QAnon and its believers as a genuine threat to people’s safety.

“The question isn’t whether QAnon-connected murder, terrorism, and law enforcement scrutiny will cause the mainstream press to take QAnon as a serious extremist threat. We’re past that point,” he tells Media Matters. “The question is now how much QAnon-connected crime and death are required for the press to understand the dangers associated with QAnon.”

“Characterizing QAnon as merely a ‘pro-Trump conspiracy theory’ undersells it and misleads readers,” says View in a nod to how several news outlets have covered the movement. “I sense that most mainstream political reporters have a narrow grasp of extremism. They may understand the basic principles of white nationalism or salafi jihadism, but anything outside of that is invisible to them.”

In this case, it seems to be at least a willingness to engage with and therefore legitimize many of Flynn’s QAnon supporters. (Flynn himself has pushed the conspiracy theory, even reciting a QAnon oath on video.)

Trotter’s tweet, which quote-tweeted Conservative Review contributor Tom Borelli, was retweeted by both Borelli and his spouse, Fox News contributor Deneen Borelli.

Trotter herself appeared on Fox News earlier on Friday, discussing recent Supreme Court decisions on Fox & Friends First.

The Judicial Crisis Network lobbies for right-wing judges to be confirmed to the federal bench and organizes campaigns against Democratic judicial nominees. It has received millions of dollars in funding from the Koch-founded dark money group Wellspring Committee.