Georgia election case co-defendant uses QAnon channel to attack prosecutor and fundraise for legal defense fund

Prosecutor had unsuccessfully asked for co-defendant Harrison Floyd's bail to be revoked for violating his terms

One of former President Donald Trump’s co-defendants in the Georgia election-tampering case appeared on a Rumble-based QAnon channel last month. Harrison Floyd used the appearance to criticize Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, comment on the guilty pleas by his co-defendants, and fundraise for legal expenses. 

As noted by The Associated Press, Floyd was charged in August due to “allegations of harassment toward Ruby Freeman, a Fulton County election worker who had been falsely accused of election fraud by Trump and his supporters,” allegedly taking part “in a Jan. 4, 2021, conversation in which Freeman was told she ‘needed protection’ and was pressured to lie and say she had participated in election fraud.”

The indictment accuses him and 18 others of taking part in a broader effort to overturn Trump’s loss in the state during the 2020 presidential election.

On November 15, Willis asked a judge to revoke Floyd’s bail and jail him for violating his bail conditions. Among the allegations of his violation of bail terms were “comments on a conservative podcast about” co-defendant and former Trump attorney Jenna Ellis, “who pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate.” Days later, a judge denied the request, instead modifying Floyd’s bail requirements.

The day before Willis filed her request, Floyd appeared on Why We Vote, a show on the QAnon-affiliated Rumble channel Badlands Media. During the interview, Floyd commented on Ellis’ guilty plea — along with that of fellow co-defendant and former Trump attorney Sidney Powell — saying, “They already pled guilty. They’re going to have to do their probation one way or the other. I’m not going to be on probation because I’m winning. I’m not going to jail because I’m winning.” 

He also accused Willis of illegally leaking Ellis and Powell’s proffer footage regarding their guilty pleas in order to “sway the jury pool.” And he attacked Willis, accusing her of prosecuting him because he is Black.

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Citation From the November 14, 2023, edition of Badlands Media's Why We Vote, streamed on Rumble

ASHLEY EPP (CO-HOST): Well, I was going to say for, you know, the audience, can you — how did you — how’d you end up here in this lawsuit? How’d you end up, you know, as kind of the — I mean, I think you’re a hero. Brian thinks you’re a hero. The what if — my favorite quote of all time is, “What if we can prove Trump won?” So how did — how’d you end up in this? 


HARRISON FLOYD: So after the election, when I was done with the campaign, I received a phone call to see if I could ask or I was asked to go down to Georgia to help out with the situation involving one of the election workers who they were having difficulty connecting with due to race issues in the South and couldn’t go down there personally but offered to help. And, you know, long story short, an article that painted a totally different story of what actually transpired. And District Attorney Willis picked up on it and looped me into this whole RICO mess because, you know, if you’re going to have a big RICO case, you’ve got to have at least one Black guy in there that you’re going to try and take down, right? So I guess I’m it.

Toward the end of the interview, the hosts asked Floyd to promote his legal defense fund. The show also featured a link on screen to his defense fund page, alongside text saying, “Help support Harrison!!” After the interview, the hosts urged viewers to donate to the defense fund.

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Citation From the November 14, 2023, edition of Badlands Media's Why We Vote, streamed on Rumble

BRIAN LUPO (CO-HOST): All right, Harrison, where — do you have a GiveSendGo set up for your legal expenses?

HARRISON FLOYD: Yes. It’s at the top of my Twitter. 

If anyone has already contributed, thank you so much. I really appreciate it. And if anyone decides that they want to contribute something, no matter how big or how small, I promise we won’t waste it.

LUPO: So, Harrison Floyd, man, that’s some motivating stuff right there. Guys, if you can, donate to that. Like, I listened to that whole hearing and it — one of the recurring themes that they were talking about in that hearing is Fulton County and the secretary of state would argue that this is going to be extremely burdensome. And so the judge would ask them, “Well, OK, what if they — what if money wasn’t an option to pay for these open records requests and to pay for the clerks and the employees that would have to go through all these records?” And they said, “What if money wasn’t an option? What can we do?” And so I think it is going to get to the point where they’re going to say, “Hey, yeah, we can give you these records, but it’s going to cost you $15,000 or $10,000 or $50,000,” whatever it might come out to. We don’t know. But we need to make sure that this case right here, more than any other in the history of this whole “Stop the Steal,” whatever you want to call it. I know a lot of people –

ASHLEY EPP (CO-HOST): Don’t say that.

LUPO: I know. Well, yeah. I know. That’s what I was going to say — a lot of us are worn out and we feel like everything is a grift, and everything, and all this — this is in the courts, in a criminal case, folks. This is not going anywhere. Harrison is giving you his word that it will be used properly and accounted for. So if you can, donate to that GiveSendGo down below.

EPP: He’s not in this for personal gain. He’s suffering great personal cost to stand up for the rights of all of us and for our children and for future American generations. So, seriously, donate to his fund. As Brian is saying, this is a very important case.

Multiple people donated to Floyd’s defense fund, saying they had seen him on the show.

The interview on Why We Vote came a few weeks after Floyd did an interview on another Badlands Media show, SITREP. During that appearance he urged viewers to donate to the legal defense fund of another co-defendant, Mike Roman, and the link to Roman’s defense fund appeared on screen. QAnon-supporting co-host Brian Lupo (known online as “CannCon”) promised to match donations up to $1,000.

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Citation From the September 21, 2023, edition of Badlands Media's SITREP, streamed on Rumble

BRIAN LUPO (CO-HOST): Harrison, I want to ask you, do you have a website where people — a lot of people in chat are asking where they can donate. Do you have a site that we can send people to?

HARRISON FLOYD: Yeah. There’s a GiveSendGo up for me. It’s in my Twitter feed. If you scroll down — it was pinned up. I took it down because — I’m just going to be honest. You guys have done a lot for me. I really appreciate it. I think we’re sitting at like $320,000-something of the goal that we’re supposed to meet. But there’s some other folks and the co-defendants who need more help than I do right now. 

LUPO: How about Mike Roman? 

FLOYD: Mike, yeah. I was just going to say Mike Roman. Mike has eight kids. He’s lost all of his clients from work. I think he has like a $200,000 goal and he’s sitting at like $4,000 right now. 

LUPO: There you go. 

FLOYD: You got Cathy Latham. She’s a former school teacher. She’s living on her teachers pension. You know, teachers already don’t make enough. My wife is a teacher. She’s super shy of her role as well. So I appreciate everyone in the chat who wants to donate to me. If you want to, that’s great. But I would please ask if you could donate to some of the other co-defendants because, look, God has helped me out so much already and He is on my side. Look, I’m good, I’m good. I’m going down hooking and jabbing either on my shield or I’ll be victorious. And I truly believe we’re going to be victorious. But some of these other folks really need some more help than I do. 

LUPO: I’m tearing up here thinking about the fact that you had an opportunity to help make sure that you’re taken care of and your first thought was to go to Mike Roman and Cathy Latham, which both of those people I love. Bro, you are above and beyond, man. That is incredible stuff right there. 

FLOYD: That’s what we were taught, man, in the Marine Corps. Real leaders eat last, right? 

LUPO: Yup.

FLOYD: So I have no problem with that. You got to put other people — when you put other people before yourself, that’s what makes you really a leader.

LUPO: But right now, Mike Roman is sitting at $4,800. Let me refresh and make sure. All right, so he’s sitting at $4,800 dollars. For the next 15 minutes until the show’s over, ladies and gentlemen, I’m going to match anything you guys donate. So up to $1,000. I can’t go much over that. I’m not that — you know, I make a decent living, but up to $1,000, anything that’s donated in the next 15 minutes, I am going to match at the very end of the 15 minutes in real time. So put that out there.

Multiple people donated to Roman’s defense fund, citing the show or Lupo’s offer to match donations. Lupo also seemingly donated $1000 — the maximum amount he said he would match.