Fox News host Jesse Watters tells QAnon influencer he loves and follows him on social media: “We'll be in touch”

QAnon influencer Jeffrey Pedersen, known as “intheMatrixxx,” also claims Watters messaged him and told attendees at his book signing to follow intheMatrixxx

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Citation From MatrixxxGrooove Show

At a signing event for his new book, Fox News host Jesse Watters told Jeffrey Pedersen, a QAnon influencer known online as “intheMatrixxx,” that he “love[s]” him and follows him online, adding that he does “good work” and has “all this information.”

Watters’ admission comes after he previously praised QAnon supporters and then backtracked.

During the April 29 episode of the QAnon-supporting MatrixxxGrooove Show (or MG Show), Pedersen aired a video of an interaction he had with Watters at a book signing event for the Fox News host.

Pedersen has repeatedly promoted QAnon and other misinformation online, like false claims about vaccines and election fraud. And regarding QAnon itself, multiple government agencies have issued internal warnings about the conspiracy theory and its supporters, some of whom have also been tied to violence, including the January 6 insurrection.

While signing a copy of his book for Pedersen, Watters told Pedersen and others around him, “I love intheMatrixxx,” adding, “I follow this guy.” He said that Pedersen’s “got all this information. … You’re very good.” And at the end of the video he told Pedersen, “Keep up the good work. … We’ll be in touch.”

During the show, Pedersen also claimed that Watters later at the event told attendees to “go follow” Pedersen on X (formerly Twitter), getting him “tons of followers after that.”

Pedersen took a victory lap on the show, saying Watters’ praise was “a testament to everybody on the MG Show” and “a testament of what we’re doing, and it really made me feel good.” Pedersen also speculated about whether it meant that “our information gets on Watters’ show.”

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Citation From the April 29, 2024, edition of MatrixxxGroove Show, streamed on Rumble




WATTERS: I love intheMatrixxx.

PEDERSEN: I love you.

WATTERS: I follow this guy. 

PEDERSEN: Yeah, he does. He follows me on Twitter.

WATTERS: This guy’s got all this information. 

PEDERSEN: Thank you.

WATTERS: You’re very good.

PEDERSEN: Thank you very much.

WATTERS: I love your stuff.

PEDERSEN: If you ever want to talk, I mean, I’ve been on all of the lists. 

WATTERS: This guy’s a big deal.


WATTERS: Keep up the good work. 

PEDERSEN: Thank you.

WATTERS: All right? We’ll be in touch.



PEDERSEN: So you heard that he looks at our information, guys. Does that mean our information gets on Watters’ show? I mean, maybe. You know, what if I told you that I just got a message from Jesse at 12:05 saying, “Yeah, buddy.” Wow, interesting.

PEDERSEN: Do you watch the show? I don’t know. But he definitely followed the information on Twitter. And we will be in touch.

PEDERSEN: And after I did that, he was saying, “Everybody go follow this guy on Twitter. What’s your Twitter handle again?” And I said [intheMatrixxx’s X handle]. I got tons of followers after that. And thank you, Jesse Watters.

PEDERSEN: And again, this is a testament to all of you guys. I mean, there are tweets that I’ve retweeted of, you know, from you guys. There’s stuff that I’ve, you know, gotten from our team. You know, this is a testament to everybody on the MG Show, not just intheMatrixxx, myself and my Twitter account. This is a testament of what we’re doing, and it really made me feel good. And Jesse Watters, thank you so much. I hope this doesn’t ruin your career.

Later in the show, Pedersen claimed that Watters sent him a direct message on X after the event and that Pedersen responded by sending him a photo of them together and “dar[ing]” him to show it on air on Fox News.

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Citation From the April 29, 2024, edition of MatrixxxGroove Show, streamed on Rumble

JEFFREY PEDERSEN (CO-HOST): So, real quick, and I just wanna just let you know this. On Twitter, I got a message from Jesse. Shady, it’s hilarious. It says — it was at 12:05 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

PEDERSEN: He said, “Yeah, buddy.” And so I sent him our picture. I go, “I dare you to show it on The Five for your show. I dare you to show my picture on there. I dare you.” I mean, I didn’t wear anything cool, like, you know, Jesse and the — he did post some things from Vero Beach with some really creative outfits, you know, and stuff, and that’s who he highlights. But I dare you, Jess. Jess, come on now.

In 2020, Watters praised the QAnon community for having “uncovered a lot of great stuff when it comes to [Jeffrey] Epstein and when it comes to the deep state,” though he later claimed he did not “support or believe in” the conspiracy theory.

And the year before that, QAnon supporters cheered over a segment Watters aired on his show about QAnon that had a “neutral to positive spin.”

Watters’ praise for Pedersen adds to Fox’s long history of amplifying and sometimes openly embracing QAnon. And it comes as MatrixxxGrooove Show has received press passes at multiple Trump rallies.