On CNN, Scaramucci lies about amplifying online conspiracy theory QAnon

Anthony Scaramucci claims on CNN that “some of the things” QAnon “put out there turned out to be true”

From the December 10 edition of CNN Newsroom with Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto

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ANTHONY SCARAMUCCI (FORMER WHITE HOUSE COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR): Okay, this is what I love about the media. So this is sort of what happened to me with CNN, right, where I said to these guys, okay you're being dishonest. If you're going to report that, I'm going to have to come after you. And of course, the three CNN people got fired. I don't even remember this reporter's name and so I'm not going to bring the guy's name up and give him the publicity. 

JIM SCIUTTO (CO-ANCHOR): No, but on this issue. 

SCARAMUCCI: Let me say what I said. I said that there was a woman there, she had a t-shirt on that had “Q” on it. I laughed, I said, what is this whole “Q” thing? She started listing things for me. The reporter didn't hear the whole thing of what this guy has apparently predicted. I said wow, I didn't realize that he -- he had gotten so many things right. I'm not focused on “Q” .

SCIUTTO: You're not endorsing them, is what you're saying. 

SCARAMUCCI: I'm not endorsing “Q” . I don't know anything about QAnon. The reporter thought he had me in a gotcha moment, because that's what reporters do. He didn't declare himself as a reporter, he didn't say he was interviewing anybody. I was teasing the woman when I said, “Well, wait until you find out who the guy is.” I have no idea who the guy is. I'm not a quote-unquote QAnon truther. I could care less about QAnon. But that's what I don't like about the media. Okay. They set me up -- let me finish.

SCIUTTO: No, I'm saying, I asked you the question, I'm accepting your answer. 

SCARAMUCCI: I appreciate you bring it up so that I can clear it up. I'm not going to respond to this joker on Twitter, or these other jokers that hang out with the guy. But this is why the American people strongly dislike elements of the media that they think are being unfair. You're a very fair guy and I appreciate you bringing it up. But I just want to state for the record, I am not a QAnon truther, I don't know anything about QAnon. But according to what this woman said, if it's true, some of the things the guy put out there turned out to be true. Maybe there's 95 percent of the things that turn out to be false. I have absolutely no idea. I don't even look at the stuff.


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