Steve Bannon suggests purging 8 million federal contractors: “Maybe that's also where we start”

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Citation From the June 20, 2024, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room

STEVE BANNON (HOST): Everything now is all about winning and election integrity. And Paul’s very involved in all of that, election integrity, so you turn out the vote, but we’ve got to close the deal with election integrity. Then we got to close the deal with stop Raskin and those guys between November 5 and January 6. Then to inauguration day, the first 100 days, the first six months and that’s where we hit the deck, the beaches right up to the 3,000.

People should also understand. It’s 3,000 political appointees, 1,000 Senate confirmed, those will take longer, obviously, although we will control the Senate.

But, and there’s 2.5 million in the military, 2.25, I think, roughly federal bureaucrats. That 2.25 is the part of the deconstruction, and it's by billets, not picking on people individually. However, you know, people working, don't forget there was 18, now as they say, how can 3,000 people control or how can 2.25 million control some of the 7 trillion dollars every year?

Well, the reality is there's 18 million contractors, and approximately 10 million of those are the IT services guys and people who provide those services, but there's 8 million, I've been told by reliable sources, you know, they do that so they don't have to have them in the bureaucracy.

Hey. Maybe that's also where we start.