Project 2025 director says that the plan is the “instruction manual” for a second Trump administration

Paul Dans also claims Steve Bannon's War Room audience attended recent in-person Project 2025 training session

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Citation From the June 20, 2024, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room 

PAUL DANS (DIRECTOR, PROJECT 2025): We need a big picture vision and Donald Trump sets that forth but we also kind of need the actual instruction manual, how to get things done, and that takes time to figure out. 

People need a grand vision and then the actual details will get worked out over time. What we’ve come together and worked productively is kind of a first for the conservative movement. It’s typically a lot like into herding cats. But our side – we constructively came together before anyone was running for president, many of us right out of the Trump admin. You know, I was only in politics because I’m a Trump – I’m a forever Trumper, not a never Trumper, a forever, if you will. But, you know, it’s like – and I’m saying that tongue in cheek for the Media Matters people.

Well, I want to share an anecdote. So, we just had a training here in DC. We want to bring people in. Go to Project 2025. Sign up if you're interested in serving. Take our online classes. But then we also had some in person. And many of the War Room, the posse, heard this about this this past year and signed up. So we had them in Washington recently, and it was just an amazing group of people.

They're the guys who – and women – who are listening to War Room kind of nodding, like, you know, who love this country and now really want to serve. And we're making a pathway to do that. We're going to teach you the rudimentary background in Washington, but also take this and shape your attitude of how you can go in and make the change.