Heritage Foundation President calls Project 2025 the “second American Revolution” intended “for the next century in the United States”

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Citation From the June 22, 2024, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room

KEVIN ROBERTS (PRESIDENT, THE HERITAGE FOUNDATION): Let's say someone is inspired to go participate in this, but they say, Steve, Kevin, I can't, as Kevin likes to say, tithe 2 or 4 years to go to D.C., but I want to be part of what I call the second American Revolution, hopefully bloodless or no more blood than has been spilled by the left. And what you can do is submit your application.

You can go through the training, and what it will do is give you that civics foundation. It will let you know what's at stake, and it will arm you with details. It will arm you with information. So whether you go into the administration in D.C. or maybe you do something local like serving on a voluntary council in your town or your county or maybe your state. What we're doing here is building not just for 2025, Steve, but for the next century in the United States.