As Christie Presidential Speculation Grows, Politifact New Jersey to Launch June 12

The Star-Ledger's scoop that Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey used a state police helicopter to visit his son's baseball game earlier this week may just be the beginning of increased scrutiny of the Republican governor and would-be presidential candidate.

The newspaper plans to launch its own version of Politifact on June 12, according to Editor Kevin Whitmer. Although the paper announced last month it would join the string of state-level, fact-checking sites linked to the St. Petersburg Times, the actual date had not been revealed.

With speculation growing that Christie could jump into the weak GOP presidential field -- including among those who cover him in Trenton -- the timing of the Pulitzer Prize-winning site coming to the Garden State couldn't be better.

“If we know anything about Politifact, it is that it will make everyone in the public eye accountable for their words and actions,” Whitmer said when asked about the impact on Christie coverage. “In short time, it will improve the public dialogue.”