Do Politico reporters read Politico?

Just how predictable is it that Republicans would peddle the idea that attacking Nancy Pelosi is their silver bullet -- and that Politico would dutifully write it up? Take a look at some previous headlines:

GOP pushes Pelosi as boogeywoman (11/1/08)

GOP ready to link Obama to Reid, Pelosi (7/29/08)

GOP slams Pelosi in new ad campaign (5/23/07)

At least once, though, Politico has realized that the GOP hasn't exactly been successful with this strategy in the past. That November 1, 2008 article reported:

For more than two years, Nancy Pelosi has played a starring role in Republican attacks on Democratic congressional candidates.

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) warned of the liberal horrors of a Pelosi regime in the runup to the 2006 elections, and so far this year Republicans have tried to use the current House speaker against Democratic challengers in House races in Mississippi, Louisiana and North Carolina.

It didn't work in 2006, and it's not working this year, yet many Republicans continue to use Pelosi power as the ultimate threat to American governance.

And yet here's Politico, once again reporting that Republicans plan to run against Pelosi -- and failing to note that the GOP has tried this repeatedly, without success.