Watch former Gov. Granholm dismantle conservative attacks on Planned Parenthood

From the June 27 edition of CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360:

ANDERSON COOPER (HOST): Governor Granholm, what about that? [Does Planned Parenthood] need the money?

JENNIFER GRANHOLM: Of course they do, because they provide -- first of all, let's just be super clear about this and do not mesh it. Federal funds are not used by Planned Parenthood to conduct abortions. Period. It is against the law. But what they do provide is for 2.4 million women to have access to cancer screenings like breast cancer, like cervical cancer and, in the areas where there are no federally funded clinics, Planned Parenthood is the primary provider. So, to -- really as a part of this health care bill, this is utterly cynical. You have 13 guys in a backroom talking about how they're going to find every way possible to hurt women's health, and this is one of the primary ways they are doing it in addition to slashing Medicaid, which covers half of the births in this country.


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