Media Matters Calls On Center For Medical Progress To Release Full, Unedited Source Footage Of Anti-Planned Parenthood Smear Videos

Media Matters for America is calling on the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), the anti-choice organization behind the string of deceptively edited videos attempting to smear Planned Parenthood, to finally release the full, unedited source footage of its videos.

CMP has released eight videos purporting to contain evidence that Planned Parenthood is “selling aborted baby parts.” Although the videos have been roundly called out by fact-checkers and media outlets for “show[ing] nothing illegal” and independent analysis commissioned by Planned Parenthood found evidence that both the short and supposedly full-length videos had been deceptively-edited -- and multiple state and federal investigations have cleared the health care provider of any wrongdoing -- the videos nonetheless continue to prompt calls from conservatives to defund Planned Parenthood.

Media Matters' full statement is below:

This extremist organization must immediately release the full, unedited source footage for all its discredited smear videos against Planned Parenthood, especially in light of three forensic experts who have, like Media Matters, uncovered upon examination that each of these videos has been heavily edited to misrepresent actual events.  

We all must start demanding the whole unedited truth and stop taking the word of anti-abortion fanatics like Center for Medical Progress who have a history of using deception to reach their goals.