Asked about arrest of Giuliani associates, Peter Schweizer tells Fox: “This goes back to the Obama administration”

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Citation From the October 11 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom

BILL HEMMER (ANCHOR): Rudy Giuliani was in the news yesterday — apparently this association with two men from overseas, who were arrested at Dulles International Airport with one-way tickets out. What could be the connection here? What do you think is behind this arrest, Peter?

PETER SCHWEIZER (BREITBART SENIOR CONTRIBUTOR): Yeah, the arrest seems to be tied to the fact that these individuals were sending money to a pro-Trump political PAC, I believe it was, and several members of Congress, tending to be Republicans. And that court case basically alleges that they weren't providing the funds. The funds were coming from someone else — which would be illegal — and I think further underlines the problems when you're dealing with Ukraine.

I mean, this goes back to the Obama administration. The number one recipient — or the number-one giver of money to the Clinton Foundation were donors from Ukraine. Then you have all the drama in 2016, you have Paul Manafort. The point is, Ukraine is a terribly corrupt country. They are trying to curry favor in the United States. And I think in the case of Hunter Biden, the notion that he got this sweetheart deal, is nothing to see, is just contradicted by the fact that you have all these other actions going forward. I think the bottom line is, we don't want Ukrainian meddling in the United States and politics.