Fox News host Pete Hegseth defends using the racist term “kung flu”

Hegseth: “We still live in a free country last time I checked”

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Citation From the May 21, 2020, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

PETE HEGSETH: Well, say it with me, Tucker: Wuhan virus, Chinese virus, maybe even the kung flu. You know, a little off color, but funny and you know, we still live in a free country last time I checked. What is this? This is the way the left thinks. Right? And she wants to be one heartbeat from the presidency. She's accusing everyone who might use those phrases of racism, xenophobia, discrimination, and religious intolerance. Think of it. They have millions of people indoctrination camps in China, Christian churches not able to open. I want to dismiss it as a joke, Tucker, but it's not because it's exactly how the left thinks. These elitists use language and weaponize it to try to control us. Take the issue of immigration, right? A legal term was illegal alien, then it was illegal immigrant, then it was undocumented immigrant, then it was undocumented worker, undocumented person, and now they're economic migrants and suddenly no person can be illegal and, ta da, the border should be wide open. This is precisely how they think and you're the bad guy for applying common sense.