Fox host: “It is premature to declare that Joe Biden is the president-elect”

Pete Hegseth anticipates “casting doubt” on state legislatures as to “who won the greater number of votes”

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Citation From the November 22, 2020, edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends Weekend

PETE HEGSETH (CO-HOST): The campaign has actually alleged there is widespread and systemic fraud on the ground where signatures were not verified against ballots that were counted, ballots that arrived late were counted, the ballots that were mailed in were treated differently than people than people that voted at the polls. And then you have the systemic question of systems, which is what Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani talked about, where they said they're making their opening case. Again all they're asking for is patience and pause. State legislatures have a chance to look at these and review them and ultimately, the challenge that might be made in state legislatures is casting doubt as to whether or not those legislatures can say with confidence who won the greater number of votes, based on the recounts. Remember, it's only been two and a half weeks. And it is premature to declare that Joe Biden is the president-elect.