Fox host: Black Lives Matter is “trying to destroy Christmas as we know it”

Pete Hegseth: “That's actually not hyperbole”

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Citation From the December 3, 2021, edition of Fox News' Fox News Primetime

PETE HEGSETH (HOST): Well, Black Lives Matter, trying to destroy Christmas as we know it. That's actually not hyperbole. With their new campaign "Dreaming of a Black Christmas," the radical group is calling for a complete boycott of white-owned businesses this holiday season. Doesn't sound racist at all.

But it's not just white-owned businesses you're not allowed to shop at this year, if you want to buy food for your Christmas dinner, skip the farmers' market. Those are now apparently racist too. According to a webinar, reportedly boosted by Washington State University — because they're examples of white supremacy and white dominant culture.