Right-Wing Family Feud: Malkin Calls Kristol A “Windbag” In “Meltdown Mode”

Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin is very angry. Again.

Malkin is very angry the “lap dog” press is being so mean to Mitt Romney and is making a big deal about the “47 percent” comments he made behind closed doors to wealthy donors about how nearly half of Americans are lazy, irresponsible and unwilling to work hard to improve their lives.

Typing off the age-old conservative script, Malkin robotically blamed the press for Romney's latest campaign stumble, claiming there's a conspiracy among journalists and Democrats to shift the attention away from Obama and focus on alleged Romney gaffes.

But there's a slight problem this time around with the blame game: Lots of conservative pundits, such as The Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol (as well as Republican members of Congress), have also denounced Romney's “47 percent” comments as irresponsible and misguided.  

Malkin's response? Fox News contributor Kristol's part of the media problem and he's in on the colluded effort to doom Romney's campaign!

The intramural name-calling highlights the right-wing media fracture visible in the wake of Romney's “47 percent” debacle. Sides are being taken as to whether Romney's remarks were imprudent (i.e. “stupid and arrogant,” as Kristol put it), or whether they can be used as a rallying cry to rescue his campaign.

More traditional Republican partisans in the press, such as the New York Times' David Brooks ("Thurston Howell Romney")  and the Wall Street Journal's Peggy Noonan ("Time For An Intervention"), have come down hard on Romney and belittled his campaign efforts.

By contrast, name-callers like Malkin and the more radical, Tea Party-leaning elements of the far-right media, including Fox News, have cheered the candidate's derogatory remarks and urged Romney to repeat them often on the campaign trail.

For this faction, virtually any criticism of their candidate is deemed off-limits, and heretics like Kristol must be publicly condemned.

 Besides, Malkin insists Romney's attack on U.S. voters was dead-on [emphasis added]:

He's talking, of course, about the Peggy the Moochers and Henrietta Hugheses of the world - savior-based Obama supporters for whom the cult of personality trumps all else. He's talking about the Sandra Flukes and Julias of the world - Nanny State grievance-mongers who have been spoon-fed identity politics and victim Olympics from preschool through grad school and beyond. And he's talking about the encrusted entitlement clientele who range from the Section 8 housing mob in Atlanta that caused a near-riot to the irresponsible debt-ridden homeowners who mortgaged themselves into oblivion and want their bailout now, now, now.

Malkin despises all these people and loved Romney's closed-door attempt to demonize them during the campaign season. For Malkin and her Tea Party friends, that's what national campaigns are about, pitting Americans against each other by depicting political foes as parasites who feed off the generosity of hard working taxpayers. “This election is about America's makers versus America's takers,” Malkin declared confidently.

Lots of Republican commentators disagree.