Pat Caddell? Why would anyone believe Pat Caddell?

The Chicago Tribune, on its Swampland blog, has a story today claiming that the White House contacted a Democratic “strategist” and told him or her not to appear on Fox News. The strategist is unnamed, and the White House has vehemently denied the charge. The one voice in the Swampland piece bolstering the claim is Pat Caddell, former pollster for Jimmy Carter. Caddell is a Fox News contributor, and despite his work for President Carter has a documented history of furthering conservative misinformation.

Since his affiliation with Carter, Caddell has attacked the Clinton administration, Janet Reno, and the Democratic party itself. Caddell was recently featured on The Glenn Beck Show decrying what he described as the “gangster politics” of the Obama administration.

So, maybe not the best person to back up an anonymous claim showing a Democratic administration in a negative light.