One endnote short of a diagnosis? Bay Buchanan suggests possible psych disorder in Sen. Clinton, but purported support missing

In her new book The Extreme Makeover of Hillary (Rodham) Clinton (Regnery Publishing), Republican strategist Bay Buchanan notes that she is not “a medical professional” but nonetheless asserts that Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) is defined by a “debilitating” “lack of confidence and self-esteem,” adding that "[a]fter days of research, I was led to a fascinating field of study involving narcissistic personality style." Referring to an endnote that apparently does not exist, Buchanan purports to offer “symptoms of the related disorder.” While claiming in the book that she “pass[es] no judgment as to whether this shoe fits the Lady Hillary,” Buchanan reportedly does not refrain from suggesting dire consequences if her suspicion of such a disorder is accurate. In a May 14 Human Events article on the book, news producer Ericka Andersen quoted Buchanan saying, "[W]e are talking about a clinical condition that could make her [Clinton] dangerously ill-suited to become President and Commander-in-Chief."

Despite the explosive assertion, Buchanan was not questioned about it in a May 14 appearance on Fox News Hannity & Colmes or in a May 16 appearance on MSNBC Live to promote her book.

In the book, Buchanan writes:

As I studied Hillary from her early years through her days as First Lady, it became more and more evident that extreme insecurity is a dominant personality trait. Not being a medical professional, I decided to look more deeply into the condition. After days of research, I was led to a fascinating field of study involving narcissistic personality style. The symptoms of the related disorder were intriguing. I have included them in an endnote. [cite 74] I pass no judgment as to whether this shoe fits the Lady Hillary.

Deep insecurity and its related symptoms, in and of itself, in no way precludes Hillary from consideration for the presidency or any other position of responsibility. It is not the insecurity that is the problem. For example, John Adams had difficulty with this condition and others and surely proved himself to be a remarkable leader. [cite 75]

So, you might ask, why raise it in the case of Hillary? Because she has allowed a chronic lack of confidence and self-esteem to define her -- rather than rise above the challenge, Hillary has been consumed by it. One simply cannot study Hillary without understanding how debilitating this trait has been to her development as a human being. That being said, it is no excuse for her behavior, rather it is an explanation.

Whether it is a pathology that makes Hillary do what she does or just good ol' God-given free will, matters little. What is important, however, is how her pattern of behavior offers a window to her heart. That is what should be on the minds of Americans should Hillary be on the ballot in November 2008. [Pages 42-43]

The list of “intriguing” symptoms Buchanan purported to include in her endnotes -- specifically endnote 74, Chapter 1 -- appears to be missing from the book entirely. Buchanan does not reference her study of “narcissistic personality style” elsewhere in the book.

Additionally, Fox and MSNBC failed to identify Buchanan as a senior adviser for Republican presidential candidate Rep. Tom Tancredo (CO). Buchanan's biography on the back of the book's dust jacket also fails to note her role as an adviser for Tancredo's campaign. The back cover includes a note of praise from Tancredo.

Human Events and Regnery Publishing are both subsidiaries of Eagle Publishing, a “leading conservative publishing company.”