More evidence of Adams' activism: He's been identified as a founder of law school's Federalist Society, Buchanan supporter

J. Christian Adams, the right-wing activist and "exhibit A" of the Bush-era politicization of DOJ hiring, has been a driving force behind the phony scandal that the Obama Justice Department is guilty of racially charged corruption for its handling of voter intimidation charges against members of the New Black Panther Party. His claims, which do not stand up to the evidence, have been dishonestly and aggressively hyped by Fox News, which has sought to portray Adams as a DOJ "whistleblower." But Adams' so-called whistleblower status is undermined by his long history of right-wing activism, a history that reportedly dates to the early 1990s and his role establishing a Federalist Society chapter at his law school.

From an open letter Donnie Fowler (University of South Carolina Law School class of '93) penned to Adams, (University of South Carolina Law School class of '93):

The other thing that I you and I can agree on is that you are a committed, partisan conservative who does not come to this “whistle blower” attack on President Obama with clean hands. As a founder of the Univ. of South Carolina Law School's Federalist Society (the most important legal group for conservative judicial activism) and as a committed supporter of Pat Buchanan's presidential campaigns, it makes complete sense that you have a bone to pick with the Democratic majority in Washington.