Fox's Outnumbered hosts tear into Adele's tour cancellation apology, mock her accent

McEnany also criticized the singer for using COVID-19 “as an excuse”

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Citation From the January 21, 2022, edition of Fox's Outnumbered

HARRIS FAULKNER (HOST): So she's crying. She said I'm sorry several times. I mean, whatever. And then suddenly she's like, “Oh my show ain't ready!” I mean she turns into Mary Poppins. Like, was this scripted? What was this? And, by the way, I mean maybe you wouldn't do it. There are a lot of fans out there who love her, especially after that Oprah interview. She opened up. She talked about so much. I mean, she's beloved — she's he's got that iconic sounding voice and she used it to sort of toss her hair and say how sorry she is. She knew her show wasn't ready days ago or weeks ago. Come on. She says half her cast, Emily, has COVID. She didn't even express anything for their well-being.

EMILY COMPAGNO (CO-HOST): I totally hear you, and I feel like these exorbitant costs that people were willing to pay to see her, to me just shows how ready everyone is to get out of the pandemic. How excited they are for normalcy. To see, yes, their superstar performer that they're super fans of. They want to go to Vegas. They want to do it right, and get those hotel rooms and everything. And all the sudden the rug is ripped away yet again. To me this is emblematic of this hideous, vicious cycle that we are all trapped in, rather than her actually letting them down. I think there were a lot of, obviously, poor management decisions that were made to have it be last minute. And unfortunately, the refundability of tickets is a little gray, I can tell you, legally. And so essential if they do reschedule, they say, well then you just have to come at a later date. But what if people can't afford to, or they don't have child care? Or like there's so many factors that lead to the disappointment. 

FAULKNER: So many factors. And things get canceled all the time. But she knew people had already traveled, Kayleigh. And they knew that “My show ain't ready yet” at least the day before. 

KAYLEIGH MCENANY (CO-HOST): Exactly. She knew this for a long time. She had to have known that it wasn't going to be ready more than 20 hours, 24 hours before. That's common sense. But you know, to underscore Emily's point, because they said COVID was a part of this. We figured out how to move on with life. I just went to a Bucks playoff game last week. And it was a lot of fun. And we figured out how to make the NFL work. How to make sports work, how to make entertainment work, Broadway work for example. So COVID, you just can't cite that as an excuse any more. And to me, that's exactly what this was, Harris. Just an excuse.