Fox Corp.'s OutKick hosts “the sperminator” to push his anti-vax agenda

Jonathan David Rinaldi claims he earned his nickname by standing up “against the socialists, the Democrats who wanted to make us infertile, make us sick with their shots”

Charly Arnolt, a host of Fox Corp.'s OutKick, brought on former New York City Council candidate Jonathan David Rinaldi, a “serial sperm donor” known as the “sperminator,” to share his false claims about the COVID-19 vaccinations.

Despite Rinaldi's claims, there is no evidence that vaccines affect fertility, and multiple fact-checkers have debunked the idea of vaccine shedding, noting it is "biologically impossible for a vaccinated person to spread the vaccine to someone who hasn’t been vaccinated."

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Citation From the November 8, 2023, edition of OutKick's OutKick the Morning

CHARLY ARNOLT (HOST): First things first, I have to ask you, how did you earn the name and reputation as the sperminator?

JONATHAN DAVID RINALDI: Well, listen, it's not so much the name, it's just the ability to stand up against the socialists, the Democrats who wanted to make us infertile, make us sick with their shots. And you know we get the opportunity sometimes to preserve our God's genes and, you know, we have the ability to help women who want to have children, who want to have healthy children, who don't want to be affected by shots that affect their fertility, affect their health, and that's why we exist.

ARNOLT: OK, so, I totally love what you're standing for. Yes, I think that the fact that everyone was forced to get the shot years ago, or a lot of people, was absolutely ridiculous, something I did not stand by.

Arnolt's guest compared coronavirus vaccines to sexually transmitted diseases, claiming they shed and adding that he “wasn't able to get anyone pregnant for about nine months” because he had sex with someone who was vaccinated:

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Citation From the November 8, 2023, edition of OutKick's OutKick the Morning

CHARLY ARNOLT (HOST): OK so you talked about how in the last three years there's been an uptick for the demand for unvaccinated sperm. I mean, so this started what, right after shots started becaming more prevalent? 


You have, like, different requests, like there are some people that say, 'Oh I want someone who is tall,' or 'I want someone with blonde hair,' or like there's some physical requests possibly, you know, hopefully those genes can be transferrable. So now is this one of the laundry list of things? I also want unvaccinated and you said this started, what, I guess, 2021ish? 

JONATHAN DAVID RINALDI: Yeah, something like that. I mean, look, the shots are kind of like STDs at this point, right? Like if you sleep with someone that has a shot or vaccine, I mean, you could get some shedding from it. I know that it affects fertility. There was a time when I was with somebody who did have the injections and I was actually affected. I wasn't able to get anyone pregnant for about nine months

ARNOLT: Really?

RINALDI: Yeah. And I know that there's issues with the lot numbers, because remember --

ARNOLT: Just from sleeping with her? Just from sleeping with her you weren't able to get -- your fertility was affected -- just because of the shedding process that you just referred to.

RINALDI: Yeah. 100%. 100% that happened. I believe it.


RINALDI: You know, listen, it's real. You know, the lot numbers for these shots also were given to different communities — like, let's be real; like, they weren't able to manufacture billions of vaccines, like a lot of it was saline. But unfortunately because of the way everything goes a lot of the actual dangerous injections were given to low-income communities and they were affected by that, and that's just the reality of it.

So people are aware of it. They tried to suppress this information. You know, there's an uptick in blood clots, died suddenly, people are falling all over the place. People know. People know that these shots were bad for them, so they don't want anything to do with it. So that's why people like me exist — we just offer a service, we offer a platform where people can communicate, share information, and really get the word out on what they tried to do to us.

ARNOLT: Interesting.