Pro-Trump OAN attacks bans of “the new mainstream” QAnon: “The deep state appears to be fighting back”

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Citation From July 23, 2020, programming on One America News Network:

KRISTIAN ROUZ (OAN CORRESPONDENT): The deep state appears to be fighting back. On Wednesday, mainstream media celebrated the decision by Twitter to remove the accounts and content connected to the QAnon movement. The group's actions were labeled as leading to offline harm, which may suggest Twitter admits the growing influence of Q in America's social and political life.


ROUZ: This latest attempt to purge Q content comes right after President Trump deployed Homeland Security investigations to Democrat-run cities. America's law enforcement was speculated to have connections to Q. But the latest crime and political terror glorified in millions of Twitter posts stands on the opposing side. The media and Democrats are slamming the president for enforcing the law, and it appears important that the other side is silenced.


ROUZ: And while mainstream media criticize law enforcement like that, they also refer to Q as a “dangerous conspiracy cult" that also happens to support law enforcement. But a growing number of Americans may be doing their own research, as reports also say QAnon is becoming a widely accepted system of beliefs -- the new mainstream. Indeed, after years of revelations of high corruption in Washington and lies by Democrat media, QAnon ideas appear immensely popular.