One America News host praises Tucker Carlson's antisemitic George Soros documentary

Guest Matt Palumbo: “I don't think most people are aware that Soros is Jewish” because he “hasn't exactly been a friend of the Jewish people”

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Citation From the February 1, 2022 edition of One America News' In Focus with Stephanie Hammill:

STEPHANIE HAMILL (HOST): Tucker Carlson, he just did a documentary highlighting George Soros and talking about his history and his motives and everything else. Now, leftists, they're very triggered by this, you're not allowed to criticize George Soros because they start calling you really mean names and a racist. I did watch the documentary, I thought it was interesting, I learned a few things. That being said, why is there this huge protection around George Soros? You're not allowed to ask any questions, you're not allowed to talk about him. Yet this guy is donating $125 million to the causes he supports but we're not even allowed to question him.

MATT PALUMBO (AUTHOR): Yeah, well, they play both angles. They'll kind of laugh it off as us pushing conspiracy theory as a sort of boogeyman. I say he is a boogeyman but for real. 


HAMILL: I saw a recent opinion piece. They said Tucker Carlson's anti-Soros crusade is a clear danger for American Jews. What are they talking about? That is insane.

PALUMBO: The thing is too, I don't think most people are aware that Soros is Jewish. He is ethnically, but religiously he's not practicing, and hasn't exactly been a friend of the Jewish people in terms of his personal life and the policies he's supported. So it just doesn't make any sense at all.