One America News host and CEO ask viewers to reach out to AT&T and thank them for their support

OAN CEO and founder Robert Herring: AT&T “has been very good to us”

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Citation From the October 15, 2021 edition of One America News' Wall to Wall with Greta

PEARSON SHARP (HOST): And it's kind of ironic too, that the author of this piece, John Shiffman, is going all over TV bashing OAN, attacking AT&T on CNN, a channel owned by AT&T. So AT&T is giving this yellow journalist the airtime to attack them on their own network. I mean, does that sound like something a company with a hidden agenda would do? Because to me, it sounds like AT&T is just being fair and impartial and giving everyone a chance to have their say.

ROBERT HERRING (OAN CEO): That's exactly what they've done. They've let us do whatever we want, as far as you know. I mean, if we're right or whatever, AT&T doesn't bother us and they've been very good to us and they're doing the same thing to CNN. They're not bothering CNN that I know of because what they're putting out right now. But I really appreciate AT&T for doing that, and I think the people in America should appreciate it and tell them thanks, so.

SHARP: Yeah, absolutely. And you know, yeah, exactly. Considering all these attacks from the left. We'd like to ask our viewers to reach out to AT&T and show them your support. One America News is one of the last free voices in journalism. So let AT&T know that you appreciate that they allow for diversity in news programing, and they aren't just pushing a one sided agenda like everyone else. Alright. I think that's about it. Thank you very much, Robert. I know you probably have some checks from AT&T to cash. And I've got to get back to my grueling workday pedaling Russian propaganda.