On OAN, former NRA president compares mass shootings to abortions

Host Dan Ball and guest Oliver North use Uvalde shooting as an opportunity to shill North's new book

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Citation From the May 25, 2022, edition of One America News Network' Real America with Dan Ball

DAN BALL (HOST): I'm not happy about having you back because we have to discuss, obviously, what happened in Texas first, before we get to the book, because of what you wrote in this book, and the reason the timing of our producers booking you on this program -- I hate to say it -- the timing was perfect, if I should even say that because this is what we've got to get through. You've got radicals out there screaming from the rooftop, it's all the guns' fault. Nobody wants to talk about mental health. Nobody wants to talk about slipping through the cracks, not enforcing the things on the books, but more importantly, going back to one of the root causes -- and I've said on this show, I think since day one, Ollie, and your book sums it all up for me -- we're running away from God. If that kid had God in his heart, there is no way he would have shot his grandma in the face and then went to a school and took 19 innocent, sweet little babies' lives and two teachers. I firmly believe that.


OLIVER NORTH (FORMER PRESIDENT, NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION): Looking at the tragic consequences of what's happening -- I saw there's a message that some congressman tweeted to [Rep.] Darrell Issa and I think to [Sen.] Ted Cruz with the F-word in it. Stop your effing prayers because your effing killing babies or killing children. Well, that's the precise problem, because what -- I would love to sit there with the congressman and ask him what did you expect when you drove God out of the schools, our government, our day-to-day lives, the ability of someone to pray in front of an abortion clinic for the kids that are being killed inside it. All those kinds of things have happened in this country by the far left, and I would just love to ask him, what did they expect the consequences to be? Because all three of these major killings, to include the one that happened yesterday in the New York subways, and the one that, a riot that occurred here in Virginia at a high school -- 50-some odd kids -- and the end of the day, there's a dead kid again. 

BALL: Grocery store in Colorado.


NORTH: What did they expect was going to happen? Exactly.

BALL: We forget about the grocery store killer in Colorado, an antisemite. I mean, you're right, Ollie. This is the basic problem in this country, and the left, because -- and you said it great in your op-ed, and the book says it as well, they've devalued life, and then when something like this happens, it's “oh you're baby-killers with your guns." Really? you've been OK for 49 years with legalized abortion. Don't come at me with your hypocrisy. We're baby-killers because we want to hold on to our Second Amendment right. Come on. 

NORTH: Well according to all four of those incidents we just talked about -- all five, counting the one that's going to happen tonight in Chicago -- all of those are perpetrated by people who have one thing in common: They have no regard for the sanctity of human life, and that's exactly what happens with abortion. That's how abortion got going and the ideas now that you can go out and stand in front of a jurist, a judge, a member of the Supreme Court, a justice in the Supreme Court, and you can riot in front of their house in violation of a federal law because it's not being enforced -- typical of what happens when you don't enforce the laws. 

BALL: Yeah. 

NORTH: What you're looking at is a country that is in deep, serious trouble, and I would not be at all surprised that they were going to be more people like that congressman who are profane and use vulgarity to attack somebody for suggesting that what we need to do is pray, because this country desperately needs prayer. It needs a return to the -- a renewal if you will because the kinds of values that made this country great. 


This book offers a prescription between now and November: Go out and do the things that are in this book, and we can save this country and save the lives of a lot of little innocent children so that incidents like what just happened in Texas aren't going to happen continuously around this country.

BALL: Oliver North, a treasure. Thank you, sir. 


NORTH: I'll tell you what, you can get 15% off by going to faithful text dot com. ... Beats the price at Amazon before they can actually take it off their shelves.

DAN BALL: Yeah there you go -- and why give Bezos anymore money anyway? He's another one of those lefty nutbags. Oliver North. We love you. Thank you, sir.