OANN host rails against “uneducated, partisan, racialist” NFL players for “turning their backs on the country that gave them their lifestyles”

Graham Ledger: “Spoiled babies” in the NFL are “promoting violent, anti-American fascist groups” and “displaying so much contempt for we, the people”

From the September 25 edition of One America News Network's The Daily Ledger:

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GRAHAM LEDGER (HOST): Hello everyone, I'm Graham Ledger and welcome to the The Daily Ledger. Our cover story, promoting anarchy under the guise of unity. So the National Football League wants us to believe that what it's players are doing, by not standing at attention during the national anthem and presenting of the stars and stripes, is somehow a show of unity. That somehow this repugnant behavior is acceptable, that it's President Trump who is wrong, and these uneducated, partisan, racialist football players are somehow righteous for promoting violent anti-American fascist groups, for turning their backs on the country that gave them their lifestyles, and are displaying so much contempt for we the people that they would rather hide like cowards in the din of a rocker room than stand up like men and honor Old Glory.
LEDGER: Yeah, it's a powerful message, and the message is the ends justify the means. The message is disrespect for this nation, which is making these spoiled babies rich. The message is, the owners in the NFL care more about their petty little politics than they care about us, we, the people. It's not the anthem or the flag that's being disrespected here, it's you. It's me.


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