On OAN, Wayne Allyn Root warns of civil war: “It's coming. I promise you it's coming.”

Root on Vice President Kamala Harris: “I want to knock that lady out”

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Citation From the September 10, 2021, edition of OAN's The Real Story with Natalie Harp

NATALIE HARP (OAN HOST): How many seconds or milliseconds do you think it would take for President Trump to beat Joe Biden?

WAYNE ALLYN ROOT (RADIO HOST): Well, I'd like it to be a tag team, I want to get in there too. I think it should be me and Trump against Biden and Kamala. I want to knock that lady out. But all I can tell you is it's funny and liberals have no sense of humor, and I think it's wonderful, and Trump was elected president because politics is show business and you've got to be an entertainer and you got to be a showman, and I think that's why he's one of the most popular politicians ever and also one of the most hated ever. Guess what? What makes you great as a showman is half the people love you, and half the people hate you. I think it's great. 

But I also think, you know, rather than calling it funny, I think the serious part of it is, that Trump was right. I'm about to write that commentary. Trump was right about everything. Anyone who thinks — any Republican who thinks they shouldn't have voted for him because his policies were great but I didn't like his mean tweets — look at what Joe Biden is willing to do to us. It's become a totalitarian, authoritarian, dictatorship. He's a tyrant. He wants to tie me down to a chair and inject me with a vaccine that I don't want and force my oxygen down with a mask I don't want. He wants to destroy my life if I won't go along with him. He doesn't care about states' rights. He doesn't care about the border. He left our people behind in Afghanistan. He left the K-9 dogs behind in Afghanistan. This is the most horrible human being in the history of the United States of America. It doesn't get any worse. So Trump was right, who cares about mean tweets. It's time for the Republican Party to get angry, to get mean, not to play by Marquess of Queensberry rules. We have to get tough, get in the ring, and smack them down. It's time or America is gone. Stop being nice guys. Nice guys finish last. Trump was right.

HARP: And Biden is not a nice guy. So many people acted like he was. But you just have to — 


HARP: He's not a nice guy. But Wayne, I'm guessing if you had to choose who you would go up in a match against, I thinking you would choose Dr. [Anthony] Fauci, am I right in that?

ROOT: I'd take Fauci on any time, anywhere. 

HARP: You'd have to wear masks.

ROOT: There are quite a few of them I would like to take on. But all I can tell you is, all joking aside, I believe America is being destroyed every single day, Natalie. And it's getting worse every day. And if we don't stand up and fight now, we'll never fight. And I'm not saying to go out and hurt anybody. I'm not saying to go out and kill anybody. I'm saying we're probably headed for a civil war, but I don't want one. I hope we can do it peacefully. I believe in civil disobedience just like Martin Luther King. That's the answer: civil disobedience. We've got to disobey these rules because they're bringing the country down.


Joe Biden is trying to destroy capitalism. It's not Joe Biden because he's obviously a brain-dead zombie puppet. But it's the people behind him. He's a dummy, there's a ventriloquist behind him. In my opinion, it's probably George Soros, Barack Obama, and the Chinese communist party. That's who is giving the orders to destroy this country, rip us to shreds, divide us and cause a civil war. And it's coming. I promise you it's coming. I don't want it to come but I can see it clearly now, that we've got to fight if we're going to survive. I hope we can fight peacefully with civil disobedience like Martin Luther King.