OAN parrots an online lie that “globalists” will scrap the Nuremberg Code to mandate COVID-19 vaccines

The anti-vaccine zealotry of One America News Network this weekend led host Christina Bobb to report an entirely fabricated claim about “European Union leadership” attempting to force COVID-19 vaccines on Europeans by “calling for throwing out the Nuremberg Code,” a set of ethical principles for medical research developed after the inhumane medical experiments of the Holocaust. 

Bobb’s claim is false; her report cited Ursula von der Leyen, the head of the European Commission, who recently said at a December 1 press conference that European Union member states should “encourage and potentially think about mandatory vaccination.” However, according to reporting from USA Today, social media users baselessly interpreted the tame comment as a dismissal of the Nuremberg Code, even though neither she nor anyone else at the press conference mentioned Nuremberg, and COVID-19 vaccinations are not a violation of the code since they are not an experimental treatment. 

The false claim quickly spread to far-right outlets like The Gateway Pundit and The Post Millennial, before Bobb picked it up for OAN in a December 11 segment warning that “globalists are making a strong, solid push, not only to take over the United States, but the entire world."

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Citation From the December 11, 2021, edition of OAN's Weekly Briefing

CHRISTINA BOBB (HOST): COVID is about control and manipulating our physical bodies through the vaccine, which is one of the most humiliating and inhumane ways to demoralize a person by depriving them of control of their own bodies, and subjecting humans to medical experiments. It's for that reason that the world created the Nuremberg Codes after World War II.

We recognize that medical experiments, concentration camps, mass murder, and all the other atrocities that occurred during the war were inhumane and should never be tolerated again. Yet the European Union leadership is now calling for throwing out the Nuremberg Code. Ursula von der Leyen, the head of the European Union Commission, has argued in favor of throwing out the Nuremberg Code, ignore it completely, and allow countries to force-vaccinate anyone refusing to participate in the medical experiment.

The globalists are going crazy and resorting to crazy methodologies that most humans would not agree with, like ignoring the Nuremberg Code. Why? Because they are losing. It is the last resort to out themselves as the evil, inhumane tyrants that they are.