On OAN, Newsweek editor suggests unionized postal workers would manipulate vote-by-mail elections

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Citation From the May 11, 2020, edition of One America News Network's The Daily Ledger

GRAHAM LEDGER (HOST): California is going full throttle, full tilt for voter corruption. All ballots for the November election will be mail-in, which means not a single ballot can be validated as authentic.


LEDGER: Peter, let us count the ways of the corruption of a mail-in, and it's stunning to see that figure, by the way, that 70% of Californians already vote by mail. Okay, it's a nice option, it used to be called an absentee ballot, right, you know, back in the old days. Now, it's standard operating procedure in California, it's going to be uniform, apparently 100%. But it invites corruption. And if you talk to the real experts about voter fraud, there are hundreds of thousands of dead people in California, or people who have moved, who are going to receive ballots. And what's gonna happen to those? 

PETER ROFF (OAN COMMENTATOR AND NEWSWEEK CONTRIBUTING EDITOR): Well, there are gonna be dead people, there are going to be people who have moved, there are gonna be people on the list with phony names and phony addresses that the state of California refuses to check and verify and purge if they find them to be faulty. People are gonna go door to door offering to help you fill out your ballot.

I can certainly imagine, with hundreds of thousands of unionized postal workers, all of whom belong to unions that have endorsed Joe Biden for president, the potential for mischief exists there.


ROFF: And of course, we used to have election day. Now we're going to have election month. We won't know how long it will take to count all the ballots. There will be ballot harvesting, which is illegal in some states, but not in California. And so they're just -- they're just asking for trouble. They're just asking for trouble.


ROFF: Remember though, there are people out there who are promulgating that scheme to give electoral votes, instead of to the winner of the state where they're voting, to the winner of a national popular vote. And the idea that you could flood the state of California with phony ballots to up the popular vote figures and trip that wire, I'm sure there are going to be people who find it irresistible.

LEDGER: Oh yeah, absolutely. And this is the genius of the framers of the Constitution, coming up with the electoral system. It's almost as if they anticipated California going off the cliff, off the liberal cliff, and trying to dominate the electoral landscape. We can never go away from our electoral processes the framers of the Constitution gave us, because if we did, then California, yes, would rule the roost. Every presidential election, it would be California voting for president, and everybody else marginalized.