OAN keeps pushing conspiracy theory that computer programs changed votes in the 2020 election 

Christina Bobb: “The numbers produced by this election result can't happen naturally”

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Citation From the January 27, 2021, edition of Wall to Wall with Greta 

CHRISTINA BOBB (OAN CORRESPONDENT): Edward Solomon, a mathematician, took a closer look at the election results at the precinct level. A specific anomaly occurred, rendering the results impossible, said Solomon. Joe Biden won exactly the same percentage points across multiple precincts at designated times of day long enough to change the advantage. Mr. Solomon walked me through an example of the precincts in Fulton County, Georgia.

EDWARD SOLOMON: You could see that there's the first precinct there, it said 12:56 a.m. on November 4. And then when it abandons that ratio on its next tabulation update, two more precincts -- they inherit that ratio on the same time stamp. And then after they update their tabulations and abandoned that ratio of 1:18, another precinct inherits it. 

BOBB: Solomon says that in order for the ratios to be that exact at clearly designated times computer software must have used an algorithm to change the votes. Specifically, for roughly 90 minutes at a time for rotating intervals, the precincts changed the votes to ensure that Donald Trump won only 5.555%, after the intervals completed, the precinct's returned to a normal vote count.

SOLOMON:  It says that this could only have been done by an algorithm. It can't even be done by humans. So if you had a bunch of human beings that were trying to rig an election, and he said, 'hey, listen, I want you to give Trump 15% over here and I want you to give Trump 13.5% over here, and 5.5% over here,' even human beings trying to replicate this wouldn't get it this perfect. 

BOBB: So what are the chances of this happening naturally? Solomon says that there are not enough stars in the universe to which you can compare. 

SOLOMON: You can use the binomial probability formula, and the chance of that event happening is 1/10 to an exponent so large there's not enough stars in the universe -- there's not enough atoms in the universe to explain the number. It can't happen naturally.

BOBB: The numbers produced by this election result can't happen naturally, and humans trying to replicate the results would not be able to produce them this perfectly. This evidence requires election officials to take a closer look and audit their results with real forensic experts. I'm Christina Bobb, One America News, Phoenix, Arizona.