OAN host: Joe Biden is not a legitimate president and we do not have a legitimate executive branch in power right now

Christina Bobb: “The Arizona election audit has begun and the entire country knows it will unravel the Democrats' schemes from 2020”

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Citation From the April 25, 2021, edition of OAN's The Weekly Briefing 

CHRISTINA BOBB (OAN Host): Our national leaders, members of Congress, and even Joe Biden demanded a guilty verdict in a criminal trial this week, and they got it. What's the point of having a justice system if the jury is not the sole arbiter of the facts? Maxine Waters didn't sit through the trial. Joe Biden didn't examine the evidence and hear from the witnesses. What's the point of a so-called Justice Department that refuses to investigate Joe Biden's kickbacks from China, but arrests Trump supporters for peacefully protesting? Why are police departments disclosing the identity of officers in accidental shootings within hours, yet the officer who intentionally shot Ashley Babbitt at the Capitol on January 6th still has not been identified.  Cops who make mistakes must be crucified publicly. But cops who intentionally murder Trump supporters are concealed and not held accountable.

The only reason, the last four months make any sense is because we can all now see that Joe Biden is not a legitimate president. The so-called Biden administration is a group of radicals that nobody wanted in power -- Kamala Harris -- and they devised an evil scheme to steal our election, and did so successfully thanks in large part to greedy Republicans who refused to fight back. They wanted their title and didn't care about the state of our country.

The Arizona election audit has begun and the entire country knows it will unravel the Democrats' schemes from 2020. That's why they're so scared, and that's also why they're making crazy radical power plays like trying to pack the Supreme Court and H.R. 1. They know we're onto them, and we will get rid of them. They must solidify their power by any means necessary because they know their days are numbered. No politician in their right mind would support packing the Supreme Court on its face. It is a Marxist, radical, un-American approach to government. Joe Biden has even said so. There's no hiding it, and that's the reason they're doing it.

There's no hiding anymore. They've been caught. They've been caught in bed with China, Russia, Ukraine, and likely other countries as well. They are partnering with our adversaries against us. They want world control and domination. The United States' Constitution and everything we stand for is in the way. Donald Trump is in the way. They may have successfully removed him from the White House, but they haven't taken his power. Who is the most powerful political figure in the United States today? Donald J. Trump. He will determine our next House and Senate.

The American people can all see clearly that we do not have a legitimate executive branch in power right now. Even NBC says liberals are going too far. NBC reports that the steps being taken by radical Democrats will politicize the system even more to the detriment of the republic. They are going too far too fast and the public can see it. That's why they're going so far so fast-- because the public and see it. Their days are numbered and their best bet that retaining their power is to solidify it-- illegitimately, against the will of the American people.

Make no mistake America. They know the gig is up. This is a last-ditch effort at trying to retain their power, knowing America and the rest of the world knows it's illegitimate. How illegitimate is it? Arizona will show us in the coming weeks. Maybe there's no fraud. Maybe all of this weirdness really was just a strange coincidence. Maybe Biden legitimately won Arizona. Maybe, but maybe not. We'll see. I'll be stationed here in Phoenix, Arizona, covering the audit and bringing you the latest updates. Thanks for joining me in the special edition of Weekly Briefing from Arizona. Thanks for watching.