OAN hosts Peter Navarro to promote his book that financially supports his legal defense fund, “fighting against Biden's goons politically persecuting him”

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Citation From the June 14, 2022, edition of One America News Network's The Real Story

ROGAN O'HANDLEY (HOST): Dr. Peter Navarro. Get his book. It also contributes to his legal defense fund as he's fighting against Biden's goons politically persecuting him. Dr. Navarro, thank you for being on today. Give us the latest. 


PETER NAVARRO (FORMER TRUMP ADVISER): I'm in an untenable position here. We have a committee, the witch hunt committee that was in prime time last night. It is not duly authorized. It's not properly constituted. The most important thing people need to understand is it doesn't have what's called a ranking minority member. And that's the member of the Republican Party that the chair, the Democrat chair would consult when to issue subpoenas. That's total violation. Total violation of laws. So I was served with an unlawful and unenforceable subpoena, commanding me to waive the privilege of President Trump. I told them, Rogan, that it's not my privilege to waive. Nobody disputes that fact. Executive privilege is not mine to waive. I instructed the committee and the Justice Department to simply go and negotiate the privilege with President Trump. That's the lead -- what they call in the law, Rogan, the least burdensome alternative. 


I'm glad you put my book up. Taking Back Trump's America on Amazon right now. Yes, it's going to be my legal defense fund. This thing's going to cost a ton of money. That's what they do, Rogan, it's lawfare. But this book, Taking Back Trump's America, is also important because it's both the blueprint and the battle cry for the MAGA movement, not just to put Trump back in the White House in 2024, but to get Nancy Pelosi the hell out of Congress and put Trump Republicans in charge of the Congress so we won't have these witch hunts.