OAN host: Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is “scum”

Dan Ball: “She can't even tell me what the hell a woman is, or when life begins, and she lets pedos out of jail early”

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Citation From the March 31, 2022, edition of OAN's Real America with Dan Ball

DAN BALL (HOST): Texas Congressman Troy Nehls joins me now to weigh in on his thoughts. This is what they're doing. I mean, they started the commission last year. I knew they were going to try and milk this sucker into November, and now they do this today. Oh, well, we're going to go after anybody that set up any of the speeches on the 5th or the 6th or anybody registered as a VIP guest, we're going to go after Clarence Thomas' wife. We've got to divert attention from a failed Biden presidency and act like this is our democracy at stake, and if you don't vote for us come November, it could all be lost in Republican hands." Did I get that about right on this bullshit committee, Troy? 

REP. TROY NEHLS (R-TX): Absolutely, Dan, and thank you for having me. So this is what this is. This is another smokescreen. This is another distraction from that far-leaning-left Supreme Court nominee, [Ketanji] Brown Jackson. They don't want anybody to talk about her -- her, I guess, just leniency -- downright leniency to our sexual predators in our country while she was serving as a judge. So we got to focus on others. And the topic of the day is let's go after Ginni Thomas, right? Because she was sharing text messages with Mark Meadows, like 20-something of them, but when you read the text messages -- when you look at the text messages, she wasn't in those text messages like Ray Epps was encouraging people to go into the Capitol, to move up. She never even left the Ellipse. And for the people, your viewers, you have to know that Ms. Thomas, she was in the Ellipse at the rally on January 6. But that ellipse was 22 blocks away from the Capitol. She was never on Capitol grounds. She left the Ellipse after it got cold. So no, they're just trying to create some more distractions because January 6 will not go away under Bennie Thompson and the left and Nancy Pelosi's sham committee because this is all they have. Dan, this is all we have. 

BALL: That's right. 

NEHLS: They're trying to discredit Republicans coming up into 2022. 

BALL: When your economic policy is failing, when your foreign policy is on display for the world to see failing despicably from Afghanistan to Ukraine, when the man in the Oval Office is in mental decline, when you have a, like you just said, scum -- I'm sorry, I'll call her that. I don't care. I'm not being a racist or sexist. I look at her record. She can't even tell me what the hell a woman is, or when life begins, and she lets pedos out of jail early. They want to get her confirmed. They want to pack the courts. They don't know how to recover this economy. They're screwing up foreign policy on purpose so they can continue to line their pockets. So we divert put everything on Trump and Republicans and say you better vote for us come November or else. That's what they're doing. Plain and simple, Troy, it's political theater. This committee is a waste of our money. Once again, what D.C.'s good at, right?

NEHLS: No question about it, and everybody knows that the two Pelosi Republicans on the committee seem to have fallen in line with them, and now they want to go after Peter Navarro and Scavino and others, and that's exactly what they're going to do. They're going to continue to go after Trump supporters, people that were surrounded around Trump in his administration to discredit Trump, because in the end, this committee is going to continue to poke and poke and poke and do everything they can to make sure Donald Trump doesn't come back in 2024.